Wings of Magic
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The creations of Magician,  Puppeteer & Entertainer Mark A.S. Dolson 
School Shows
hat makes a "School Show" special?  Wings of Magic School Shows are not only fun but present a motivational message in an entertaining way.  They are designed for elementary school age children, and are available in both a smaller classroom version and a larger more theatrical stage version for a assemblies in auditoriums or gyms.  They are also great for Library Summer Reading programs.

Technology Science & Magic is a one of kind show that explores the idea that was once considered to be Magic is now possible through Science & Technology.  Show focuses on how electricity changed our lives. Science Magic Show for schools camps libraries NJ New Jersey
children's kid's heath nutrition show health clubs schools mark dolson puppet shows magic magicians Captain Fitness is not a Exercise/Gym class, as we know this is already part of all school programs. Captain Fitness is fun filled show with Games &
Magic that
 teaches and motivates children, and maybe some of the grown-ups about the importance of a healthy life style at any age.  Captain Fitness is the secret identity of Certified Personal Trainer & Magician Mark A.S. Dolson

Program Covers:
Healthy Food Choices
Watch Food Portions
Balance: Energy In-Energy Out
Eat Only When You Are Hungry
Say No To Illegal Drugs
Different Types of Exercise:
Great for Both Schools & Fitness Clubs
Safari Mark teaches that living in harmony with the Earth is important for all of us.  He shows children simple things they can do to be Earth Friendly
Program Covers:
Conserving Water & Other Resources
Being Animal Friendly
Litter & Pollution
What Animals Make Good Pets
& Which Do Not
Earth Friendly Packaging & Products
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reading is fun nj mark dolson puppet shows magic magicians People often ask how Wizards get to be so wise.  Well the answer is very simple...reading!  Archimedes the Wizard teaches children that books are the key to learning about anything they want to do or be.  Do you want to learn about Magic...Cooking...Animals...Gardening? 
It is all in books.  This show is motivational & fun for both Schools & Libraries.

The Six Keys or Pillars of Character


Come to life though Puppets, Stories, and Magic in this unique version of the "Once Upon Time Show" designed specifically for schools.

Six Pillars of Character Puppet Show for Schools Preschool Libraries Camps NJ New Jersey Educational
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Puppets & Classic Children's' Stories have a Magic all of there own. A great show for Pre-Schools;  "Once Upon A Time" is part Puppet Show, Part Storytelling, Part Sing-along, & Part Magic.  With Mark's help the children take on different roles and act out well know stories along with music & magic.  Be enchanted and laugh as Mark & the Children present stories & songs such as
Five Little Moneys
Old McDonald
The Three Little Pigs
Jack & The Beanstalk
& More


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