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The creations of Magician,  Puppeteer & Entertainer Mark A.S. Dolson 
What makes Wings of Magic unique is the truly custom way every show is treated. You have your choice of theme, character, and any extra activities you would like to have to make your event truly your own. Wings of Magic Shows are also are  large in scale than most traditional party shows, taking you event to next level! I perform  all over the New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania area, so I receive many questions about my services. Here are some frequently asked questions & answers.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to call or e-mail.   I hope to be able to make your event truly special.

What do you do for a children/family party?

The center of most of my children/family events is that of my Magic Show. The Magic Show is about 40-45 minutes of comedy magic, with lots of audience participation. The guest of honor is always the star of the Grande finale. In most magic shows I will levitate, that is make the child of honor float in the air!  The show is full of fun, family humor, but it is not just for the kids. Often I find adults having as good a time as the children. A live dove is part of most shows, which the children may pet afterward. Please check out the magic photo gallery for your choice of characters to match any theme. I also offer other activities that can be done after the show, or their own. They are all sure fire hits to keep the children busy and keep the fun coming.  The most popular being my amazing Balloon Sculptures, but check out the
"EXTRA FUN ACTIVITIES" page  for more information on Balloons, Goodie Bags, Slime Lab & other fun extras!

What Makes Wings of Magic Shows Special?

Wings of Magic Shows, whether Traditional, Puppet or Theme Show presents a larger scale presentation that many other performers. While you may find "coupon' or "bargain" entertainers online, most of them agents and DJ companies who send out college students with prefabricated  magic show. I am a full time professional event entertainer with many years of experience, and perform all events personally. All shows involve music, large scale props, live animals, puppets and more taking your special event show to the next level.


What kind of show packages do you offer?

Includes your choice or any comedy-interactive show, with lots of audience participation and laughs, for 45 minutes of family fun!

Includes your choice or any comedy interactive show described above plus any one of my fun extras, each of which gives your guests a special something take home to remember your special day!

Include your choice of any comedy interactive show, plus any two of my fun extras, so your guests take home two items to remember their great time.

For larger events such schools, malls, corporate events, pack meetings etc. I can supply a larger show featuring more elaborate magic effects, backdrops and special effects such as fog and lights, interactive activities, crafts, and games running throughout your event.  Let me know what you are looking for, and do my best to make it happen!

Please call 908-803-5179 or or e-mail for pricing information.

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Do you offer Puppet Shows for younger children?

es, for younger children, and a great tie in for princess parties, I offer "Once Upon A Time" Storytelling and Puppet Show.  It is different from  typical puppet shows in that the children take part in the show using puppets to play various characters in the stories.  I combine friendly "Muppet" type puppets along with music, magic , and props to create about 45 minutes of Fairy Tale fun.  Think of it as "Sesame Street" meets "Shrek".

What do I, as the host or hostess of the party, need to supply?

The only thing you need to supply is ample space for the show and of course the children.  I bring everything else.

What other services do you offer?

All the entertainment I provide can be on its own or added on to other service.  I am  happy to tailor my service to fit your event.  I offer an array of extra services such as, spin art, sand art, slime lab, face painting, temporary tattoos, games, themed goody bags, etc. to add even more fun. These services are for both private parties and larger events. For larger events such as a fair or company picnic, I can even provide a canopy to let the guest know where the fun is going on. 

Do you do magic for adults also?

I also do a magic show geared toward the teen and adult audience.  While still being family friendly it features more sophisticated magic that would otherwise go above the heads of young children.  Also popular for adults is strolling close up magic, that can also be combined with balloon sculpture for even more fun.


How long have you been performing?

I started doing magic as a child at age 5, and started working in the local magic shop and doing  shows at age 15. I have been performing professionally since that time for a total of over 35 years of professional experience. Even if I can't do your show my best advice is to find a performer who has loved magic since childhood. They are always the best!

What forms or payment do you accept?
Wings of Magic accepts Cash & Checks made out to "Wings of Magic"  If you wish to use a credit card I do accept Paypal norm Venmo online.  If you choose to use Paypal or Venmo the balance of the payment must be received before the date of the performance.  Cash & Checks can be received in person following your event.

What kinds of characters can you do?

My specialty is novelty characters to match the theme of your event. Peruse the Show Choices Page (click here) to see examples of several of the most popular characters. All these characters are available for magic shows and strolling entertainment including balloons sculpture . Most of these characters can also walk on stilts!  We do many characters that may fit into your party theme, but because of copyright laws, do not portray licensed characters like Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow etc.

Classic Magician    Magical Wizard   Gizmo the Clown
Magic Pirate    Cowboy    Safari Mark
   Uncle Sam    Dracula    Storybook Princes    Toy Soldier    Victorian Man (A Christmas Carol Era)
Court Jester    Space Knight (Stars Wars Like)    Many Others

Strolling Only (balloons, some magic, photos, tattoos etc.)
Santa    Superheros    Easter Bunny    Snowman
If you don't see what you are looking for on this list give me a call.   I may have it!


Aside from parties what other events are your shows and services suitable for?

My shows and other services are suitable for any event people come together to have fun. I have performed shows, in schools, summer camps, churches, synagogues, shopping malls, libraries, carnivals, theme parks, company picnics. You name it I performed there! I have larger versions of many of shows for larger venues with more elaborate magic, backdrops, music, puppets, special effects etc.

If I don't need a sit down show, can you do strolling activities?

Yes, over half of the jobs I do each year are at events where I provide mobile entertainment. As a strolling entertainer I can add fun and atmosphere anywhere I go. For example imagine an almost nine foot tall stilt walker juggling, doing balloon sculpture, and having fun with the crowd or magical wizard haunting your event with his faithful owl, perched on his arm. Perfect for fairs, company picnics, or any special occasion.

How much are your services?

While my shows are larger than most party shows you will find my prices are competitive with other entertainment professionals in the area. While you may find "coupon' or "bargain" entertainers online, be careful, most of them are agents and DJ companies who send out college students with prefabricated magic show. I am a full time professional event entertainer with many years of experience, and perform all events personally. Since many things must be calculated into an event each event is quoted individually.

Please call 908-803-5179 or or e-mail for pricing information.

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How long in advance do I have to book you?

I book on a first come first served basis. My best suggestion is that you book as soon as possible. The summer and holidays are the busiest seasons, and I book up very quickly.  Please note that inquiring about a show does not hold the date for you.  The date is only held after the show is booked and you have been sent a written confirmation.

Who have you worked for in the past?

My corporate event resume is a virtual who's who of fortune 500 companies such as, Radio Disney, Six Flags Theme Parks, Papermill Playhouse  IBM, Mercedes Benz, Canon Business Solutions, Caesars' Resorts, Nabisco, Calvin Klein, The NBA, CBS Records, AT&T,  hundreds of other companies (large and small), libraries, schools, camps, and of course private parties.  See resume &  reference page for more information.

How do I go about booking a show?

Give me a call or drop me an e-mail and we will get things rolling.
Phone 908-803-5179  Click Here for e-mail   



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