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Magical Quotable
"When people say you can’t do it…that it’s impossible…never lose hope…just because they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t"

David Copperfield

Mark A.S. Dolson's Wings of Magic offers Magic Shows, Puppet Shows in the New Jersey NJ, New York NY area as well as a variety of Children's and family Entertainment for Birthday Parties and other events.  The Pirate Show & Safari Mark animal theme magic show use both live animals & puppets in New Jersey, NJ & New York, NY. Magic from another galaxy is a magic show that will fit in with a Star Wars theme in New Jersey, NJ, Wings of Magic has Educational Shows for Elementary Schools, Preschools, Camps, Libraries, Library, Daycare, Nursery School.  These shows have a motivational theme like Earth Day, caring for the environment, Library, reading is fun and magic & fitness about living a healthy lifestyle with captain fitness.  Wings of Magic specializes in Birthday Party and Birthday parties in New Jersey, and New York, Mark Dolson who has performed for Six Flags and Radio Disney is a master magician with traditional and character theme magic shows in New York NY and New Jersey.  Mark Dolson is also a stilt walker, balloon artist, & balloon sculptor.  Wings of Magic offers balloons, balloon art, balloon sculpture, slime, magic tricks, face painting, dinosaur dig, goodie bags, tattoos, origami, games and prizes.  Wings of Magic also has shows for the holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukah, Chanukah & Hanukkah. If you are having a birthday party or other party or partie NJ, NY Wings of Magic has Magic Shows, Magicians, Puppet Shows, & Balloons. If you are having a Birthday Party at home, school, preschool, library, nursery school, or daycare and want Magic Show or Puppet Show that will fit in with a Harry Potter, Pirate, Princess, Sesame Street or other theme call Mark Dolson at Wings of Magic in the New Jersey, New York area. The Wizard Show is great for Harry Potter Theme in New Jersey or NJ.  The Once Upon A Time Puppet Show will work for Sesame Street or Princess theme with its Muppet style puppets in New Jersey or NJ. Call Mark the Magician in New Jersey for your girl's or boy's birthday for Mark the Magician or Mark A.S. Doslon's the Magician's Magic Shows and Puppet Show in New Jersey.  Wings of Magic has Educational, Motivational Puppet Shows and Magic Shows for schools, preschools, camps, day camps, library and library summer reading programs in NJ.  The wizards library is great for summer reading programs min New Jersey
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